About Us

Stanwood Bee Company, LLC was officially founded in 2019

In the early years:

Tim started as bee keeper from the young age of 4 years old when he helped his Dad manage about 150 hives for honey production. Building frames, painting boxes, installing wax foundations, extracting, and spinning honey.

In 2016 Tim purchased the property where his main yard is located  and immediately established 20 large colonies and began to grow.

In 2017 Tim grew his apiary to about 125 colonies with aspirations to continue to grow his operation to a larger commercial apiary.

In 2018 Tim was sitting on 325 colonies and growing.

In 2020 Tim had grown to about 800 double Deep Colonies.

For 2021 Tim has ambitions to grow to about 2000 Double Deep Colonies. Buy a specialized forklift for bee operations and build a large scale shop to manage his equipment and colonies.