Premium 100% Grass Fed & Grass Finished Black Angus Ground Beef

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Premium 100% Grass Fed & Grass Finished Angus Ground Beef:

A customer favorite! Our Black Angus Ground Beef is smooth, rich and packed full of flavor. When making ground beef we process the entire steer into ground beef so all of the very best is is packed into the best burger not just the leftovers.

Whether grilled on the BBQ or baked as meat loaf, our Black Angus Ground Beef will elevate the most humble of dishes. Buy one of our bulk options to save money!

Our Black Angus Ground Beef is 90% lean and smooth.

****Packaged individually in 1 pound units

Dry Aged Approx. (14 days)
Premium Quality Black Angus Beef
Note: Ground Beef 1 Lb. Package

About us:
We are a small Beef Operation located in North Stanwood, WA and started in 2017

We source the very best of Orchard grass from local sustainable farms. We don't buy grass that's been sprayed with chemical fertilizers or sprays. We prefer the natural and sustainable method of spreading cow manure back onto the pastures where we harvest the very best grasses.

Our cattle have access to 50 acres of grass and pastures and are fed 2-3 round bales of grass daily.