2024 - Honey Bee Queen

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A mated Queen. Directly from my mating Nuc born and raised locally in Stanwood, WA. She is currently uncaged and actively laying.

Carniolan $50
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Saskatraz $50

This is a lot better than a caged queen shipped from who-knows-where as a caged queen loses her pheromones' from being forced not to lay in a cage and is harder for a hive to accept her. The eggs and larva will accelerate your colony and help it grow faster from a non laying queen situation. I will also give you a queen cage so you can introduce her to a new hive safely. Just cage her and place her in the middle of the frame next to her nurse bees and you will have acceptance quickly. Release her in 2-3 days. Watch this race car of a queen build you a successful hive.

I’ve been a bee keeper for over 20 years and this is really the best way.

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Stanwood Bee Company, LLC
Tim Welsh